Have You Outgrown Your Shared Hosting Account?

Most new website owners choose shared hosting because they want to save money. It is the most affordable option available but is also the most limiting. Shared servers are suitable for small websites with fewer pages or low traffic but they can’t handle heavier loads. Many business website or blogs eventually outgrow this platform and need something better. Canadian VPS hosting solves this problem as it provides more space and capacity. Here are some clear signs showing you’ve outgrown your shared hosting account:

  1. Increase in website traffic

As your business or audience grows, you’ll gain more website traffic. This can easily overwhelm shared server systems as they’re designed to handle 1,000 to 2,000 daily site visits. Increase in traffic can lead to slower response times, frequent crashes, and errors. That has a big impact on user experience, which will affect the website’s reputation. If you experience sudden spikes in traffic, consider switching to Canadian VPS hosting.

  1. Security is a concern

Shared servers aren’t as secure as VPS or dedicated systems. Many websites share the same space on the memory drive so this system is vulnerable. If data security is a concern for your business, consider switching to VPS. Isolating a website from others can reduce risk of hacking or unauthorized access. The data will be secure and customer information will not fall into the wrong hands.

  1. Customization

VPS gives owners a lot of control over a website. You can add extensions, customize the virtual space according to business requirements, etc. Owners can make all changes necessary to ensure their website works as it is supposed to. This level of customization isn’t offered by shared servers, which creates a restrictive environment. If the server limits your website’s potential, it is time to switch to something better.

  1. Expenses

Shared servers are scalable, but there’s a limit to how many resources you can add. At one point, using this platform will become too expensive and cumbersome. Businesses save time, money, and improve overall performance by switching to Canadian VPS hosting. Virtual systems are scalable, flexible, and more reliable. You can add more resources at an affordable cost, which will help save money by lowering operating costs. The initial switch from shared to virtual is a little expensive, but the cost is worth it.

Once you upgrade to a VPS, you need not worry about outgrowing the server. These hosting options have a higher capacity and can handle enterprise-level websites easily.